[Graphic Novel Review] Dark Horse Presents: “Concrete Park”

These days it seems like everyone is dipping into the fantasy world within popular culture, particularly through television, film, comic books and graphic novels. And while fantasy as a category seeks to expand the cultural norms, these is still much to be desired in terms of character diversity. It appears that some of this hope […]

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Op-Ed: I Support A Food Initiative on the Gill Tract

By Vanessa Raditz I am a Master of Public Health Candidate studying Environmental Health Sciences and working on the community-University collaborative research project in “Area A” of the Gill Tract. I believe that the development of the Gill Tract will undermine the innovative work that students, researchers, and community members have started on this land. […]

Campus Art: Berkeley Graduate Student Curates Compelling BAM Exhibit

  From a painting by an elephant’s own trunk, through pivotal pieces in South Asian art history, to contemporary Bihari folk art, “The Elephant’s Eye: Artful Animals in South & Southeast Asia” invites Berkeley Art Museum (BAM) visitors to explore depictions of animals in a lively variety of media. Engagingly curated and professionally presented, the exhibit […]