Voters to Decide Fate of Billion-Dollar Water Bond

Voters across the state of California will decide the fate of Proposition 1, the Water Bond, in next week’s elections while bearing in mind that the state is facing severe drought and also serious debt. The proposition sanctions the use of $7.545 billion for water management strategies statewide. As summarized by the Legislative Analyst, funds […]


Horror Film 101

With Halloween quickly approaching, we can expect to see children and adults dressed in elaborate costumes; pumpkins on porches; stories of ghost and goblins; and a good, scary, horror film. So instead of giving you a list of what films you should go see for this Halloween weekend, I offer you a short lesson on […]

Mechanical Engineering Students Pursue Innovation

Why continue on to graduate school when you can get a stable job in your field of choice? For mechanical engineers, that question is worth tackling; though other majors may dread the perils of hunting for jobs, a need for mechanical engineers abounds. Why, then, do hundreds of students pursue graduate work in mechanical engineering […]

Photo courtesy Mitch Westwood

Alta Bates Summit Medical Center

Hospital Mergers Fail to Lower Costs

A study from UC Berkeley researchers concluded that hospital mergers fail to lower overall health care cost per patient, in an article recently published in the Journal of the American Medical Association. Hospital mergers are becoming more and more common, due in part to efforts to consolidate patient care, reduce repeat procedures, and lower overall […]

Student groups voice their concerns

There are over 1,200 student organizations on campus, all facing similar logistical hurdles, including limited space for events and delays in reimbursements. The vast diversity amongst these groups also presents an assortment of unique challenges. To hear and address both widespread and specific concerns, the ASUC-Executive Vice President’s Student Organization Services Department has organized a […]