Will Grad Students have a Study Lounge?

Tonight’s meeting May Graduate Assembly Delegates’ Meeting (May 7th, from 5:30-10 PM at Anna Head Alumnae Hall) promises to be one of the Graduate Assembly’s most exciting evenings ever! Never mind the swigging, swaying, and sashaying on the Graduate Bay Cruise; the radical writings and “adult brownies” of [title here]; fighting racism from the Astronomy department; drinking away our sorrows at the […]

A GSI gets to work at a grade-in to protest Grad Div's closing the old Stephen's Hall Graduate Study Lounge


A Graduate Student Read-In to Close Out An Amazing Semester…

Picture an informal, book-lined lounge setting with bite-sized appetizers, sparkling juices, “adult brownies,” live music, and poetic, touching words… On Wednesday, University Press Bookstore opened its doors to a few bright, budding poets and storytellers who happen to also be UC Berkeley graduate students, for an intimate affair. The special evening was the ultimate event […]

Educating Educators: The Role of Scientists in Public Schools

For many children, their first exposure to anything science-related happens in first grade. Children play with slinkys to examine the motion of waves, learn that not all light can be seen by the naked eye, and understand how the sun makes life possible on Earth. Elementary and middle school teachers are often not scientists, and […]


Photo courtesy David Gu'uopau Palaita (vika)

Ethnic Studies students grapple with tensions of different peoples, cultures

Increasing globalization over the last few centuries has brought about new challenges – particularly, the complications that arise when peoples from different places with different perspectives intermingle. Students in the Ethnic Studies Department spend their Berkeley career grappling with these issues, both in historical and contemporary contexts. Kira Donnell’s research focuses on transnational adoption, particularly […]

Reflections: My Year As The GA’s Internal Vice President

By: Mary June Flores When I graduated from UC Berkeley as an undergraduate back in 2010, I vowed never to be involved in student government, or any type of political entity, ever again. I was an elected undergraduate ASUC senator 2009-2010 and had been forever “traumatized” by the experience as it had made me jaded with any […]