GA Now Hiring External Affairs Staff Positions

The following job posting was sent out to UCB graduate students on July 8th: “BERKELEY GRADUATE STUDENTS WITH AN INTEREST IN CITY OR STATE POLICY – please consider applying the External Affairs staff positions in the Graduate Assembly. These staff members will work closely with the External Affairs Vice President (Iman Sylvain) to track policies […]

TBG is Hiring A Social Media Manager!

You read that right! As our humble publication grows and flourishes, we find the need for a dedicated social media manager (SMM) all the more important, so we’ve created the following position. Please contact us at if you’re interested or if you know anyone who is! Cheers, TBG Editors (David and Ianna) TITLE:            Social […]

Up All Night for Grad Student Rights

As the night darkens, students file in to Stephens Hall Lounge. It’s close to midnight, yet two dozen graduate student instructors, activists, union stewards, and even a couple of undergraduates are hard at work writing papers, studying for exams, and grading. Welcome to a Berkeley graduate student sleepover! The sleepover spills over from the grade-in […]

Alinaya Fabros grades during the grade-in.