Pardon Our Pause: Website Redesign

The Berkeley Graduate staff is overjoyed to announce that we are undergoing a website redesign! Like a fairytale creature, the website will have to sleep for a fortnight before being magically awakened, all the more beautiful, for the big launch. We apologize for the pause, and promise you it will be worth the wait! In the meantime, […]

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Dolores McElroy from Film Studies and Tholfaqar Mardan Al Emara from Engineering meet at the party

I Am Berkeley: Selfie Photo Contest!

Words are nice — we at The Berkeley Graduate are particularly fond of them — but few things speak as strongly as pictures. That’s why we want to see what photographs you, our fellow graduate students, snap during the first week of classes! Attending your first ever Berkeley course? Pose for a selfie with the professor! […]

Saving Earth from an Asteroid: Science in Film

Earth is on a one-way path to certain destruction, possibly via asteroid impact, wormhole appearance, or alien visitors to the Nevada desert. Only the skills and prowess of misunderstood scientists or a ragtag team of blue collar workers can save the planet using some form of pseudoscience, such as harnessing energy from the mystery element […]



Highlights from The Berkeley Graduate

Revisit exciting moments and stellar writing while sharpening a new year’s pencils, or get a sense for your new graduate community by reading about the hottest topics under discussion!    On a controversial topic with a lot at stake for the graduate community, the article that attracted by far the most attention and generated debate on as well […]

Speak Out, Write Up: We’re Hiring Writers

Enjoy writing? Need cash? Have burning news or incisive views to share? We’re recruiting!  The Berkeley Graduate is the Graduate-Assembly-sponsored official news publication for the Berkeley graduate community, publishing a range of stories, including analyzing current issues, covering Berkeley research and innovations, and profiling campus movements. Contributers utilize a range of styles beyond traditional reporting, from book reviews […]

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