by Andrew Green

In my seven-odd years as a Berkeley Grad Student, not once did the thought occur: “Maybe I should go and check out the Career Center.” Why should you think any different?

Because, since that time, a revolution (think Thomas Kuhn) has occurred in both the range of opportunities pursued by Berkeley grad students/PhDs, and the information and expertise available to assist in those endeavors. Working together, Debra Behrens and I provide comprehensive services to PhD students across all disciplines whether you’ve targeted a faculty position or are looking to transition into the business, government, or nonprofit sector.

What does “comprehensive” mean? Basically, it means we will work with you whether your issues are broad or strategic in nature: How do I figure out what I want to do with my life, or what kinds of non-academic work have others with my background and training done after Berkeley? Or more tactical: How should my CV and cover Letter for a Cal State or small college differ from what I send to a major research university? How do I prepare for a job interview doing X?

We are here to complement the efforts made by many departments and programs to offer career and professional development assistance, and often collaborate with other campus units such as VSPA and the Graduate Opportunity Program, as well as, grad student-led initiatives like Beyond Academia and CDIPS.

Debra and I serve grad students using a three-tiered approach that brings to bear specialized web resources, dozens of grad student-specific programs and workshops each semester, and confidential, one-on-one counseling. We don’t worry about funding sources, or the attitude of a given adviser or PI; our job is to work with and for grad students.

Next time: I just realized I don’t want to be my advisor, or I can only stay in academia if I don’t have to leave the Bay Area. What do I do now? + Your questions.

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