March 5th Delegates Meeting Roundup!

The time has come again for a Graduate Assembly Delegates meeting! The next meeting will be Thursday, March 5th, in Anna Head Alumnae Hall at 5:30 pm, but dinner will be served at 5pm as per usual. The usual suspects will be providing updates, as well as Kristin Hunziker (GA External Affairs Legislative Director, City […]

Select a woman you will be celebrating this women's history month, and think about a story. (Books, photograph, objects from women this editor admires)

Our Women’s History Month

  Inspired by Black Feminist thought viewing the kitchen table as an intellectually generative space, the Graduate Women’s Project & The Berkeley Graduate are collaborating on a series featuring untold stories from women’s history in honor of Women’s History Month. Rather than highlighting the same historical and political figures, this series asks Berkeley Graduate Students which women […]

Architecture students explore stories behind structure, form, and function

A building is more than the sum of its parts – it is not just a built thing. Its construction was fraught with decisions biased by culture, time, and even personality, and its permanence (or impermanence) buries into the context of the environment. Though the majority of people give little thought to these nuances of […]

Photo courtesy Jennifer Gaugler


TBG Movie Recap of “Space is The Place”

Last night, TBG staff and friends buckled up for a ride with jazz pioneer Sun Ra as we watched the 1974 underground classic Space is The Place (see my review here). It was quite the experience, as viewers engaged in what seemed like part science-fiction, part documentary. There were many moments where we laughed, where […]

Activists Plan for “96 Hours of Action”

Last Tuesday, February 17, around 40 UC Berkeley graduate and undergraduate students, Berkeley City College students, Berkeley staff members, community organizers, and union representatives met for a Direct Action Dinner aimed toward planning “96 Hours of Action” for the first week of March—4 days of activism that will culminate on March 5 in a statewide […]