ASUC Election Results are in!

Results of this year’s ASUC Elections rolled in last night, announcing the 5 new executive board members and 20 Senators who will form Berkeley’s student government, which primarily serves and is entirely comprised of undergraduates, though it has significant influence over graduate life at the University. The election also considered 5 ballot referendums, 4 of which passed. […]

Candidates have been campaigning wildly for the past few weeks.

Photo courtesy of Zellman-Rohrer

Classicists’ research preserves past, informs present

In a society bent on innovation, where significance is given to novel ideas and technologies, the study of eras and peoples of the past can be seen as trivial, or even a hindrance to the ever-present cry for progress. However, without knowledge of historical precedent, society is fated to repeat their mistakes or will lose […]

Mural by Puerto Rican descent artist Yasmin Hernandez in New York’s El Barrio neighborhood.

Radical Art of Puerto Rico’s Liberation Movement

Puerto Rico has been under foreign rule for over 500 years: first under Spain, then, since 1898, as a US Commonwealth. In the 1960’s, a radical Puerto Rican liberation movement against the US rule revived older militant Puerto Rican traditions that resisted Spanish colonization. In the 1980’s, the US governments began arresting and assassinating radical […]

If We Don’t Spare the Air, Who Will?

Spring is here, and summer is right around the corner! It is the time of year for outdoor grilling, barbecues, and beach bonfires, but while these activities guarantee fun for all, when was the last time a group of friends thought about the contribution of these activities to the air quality of their surroundings? One […]