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ASUC Election Results are in!

Results of this year’s ASUC Elections rolled in last night, announcing the 5 new executive board members and 20 Senators who will form Berkeley’s student government, which primarily serves and is entirely comprised of undergraduates, though it has significant influence over graduate life at the University. The election also considered 5 ballot referendums, 4 of which passed. […]

Candidates have been campaigning wildly for the past few weeks.

Mural by Puerto Rican descent artist Yasmin Hernandez in New York’s El Barrio neighborhood.

Radical Art of Puerto Rico’s Liberation Movement

Puerto Rico has been under foreign rule for over 500 years: first under Spain, then, since 1898, as a US Commonwealth. In the 1960’s, a radical Puerto Rican liberation movement against the US rule revived older militant Puerto Rican traditions that resisted Spanish colonization. In the 1980’s, the US governments began arresting and assassinating radical […]

The Surprising Response to an Unsurprising Announcement

Letter From The Editor Yesterday, Hillary Rodham Clinton officially announced her run for the US Presidency in 2016: Apparently, people were discussing the long awaited announcement off social media, but I didn’t catch that, because I was glued to the tweets and Facebook posts popping up from Berkeley graduate students. There were a lot of […]

Perhaps most expressive was this photo going around Facebook and Twitter


Café Review: Nick & Aron’s

When Babette’s is closed, Milano and Sacks are full of undergrads, Musical Offerings wants you to buy an overpriced sandwich to stay, you’re over Philz’s disgusting corporatism (and what are they thinking, trying to distinguish their monotonous blends with mint leaves?) but not quite over the Elmwood Cafe anti-racism boycott, Spasso’s internet is creaking to […]

Voting Has Begun in the ASUC Elections! 1

Today, tomorrow, and Thursday, Berkeley students (yes, even you, grad students!) will have the opportunity to vote in the ASUC Elections online or in person at Kroeber, Dwinelle, and Northgate Halls. Thankfully, ASUC put out an election guide to help voters understand the protocol, their rights, and learn about the referenda, preferential proportional representation voting system, parties, and candidates. There’s […]

Candidates have been campaigning wildly for the past few weeks.