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UC, Give Back Indigenous Remains!

by M.E.Ch.X.A. de UC Berkeley The University of California has failed to repatriate Indigenous remains to their rightful communities for burial. Yet many UC students, both undergraduate and graduate, remain unaware of this controversy. For this reason, students from Latin@ Xican@, and other cultural and political communities have organized to take action on Columbus Day, […]


Celebrate with TBG this Thursday!

This month, The Berkeley Graduate turns 1! To celebrate our birthday, the year to come, and many wonderful collaborations, we’re teaming with the Graduate Social Club to bring you another memorable bar night at Henry’s! You’ll need to be a GSC member to view the invite, or simply join us this Thursday, October 9th at 7pm. Last year’s bar night with the […]

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Introducing: the Graduate Student Support Project (GSSP)

The Graduate Assembly’s Graduate Student Support Project is concerned with meeting students’ pastoral needs and offering resources to help graduate students care for their wellness needs. To learn more, The Berkeley Graduate had a conversation with GSSP Coordinator Janell Tryon. TBG: You’ve been GSSP Coordinator since you began the Master’s in Public Health Program here at Berkeley – how have these two roles intersected? JT: The role has […]