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Biophysicists focus on intersection of physical, natural sciences

Straddling the lines of computational and wet lab work, researchers in the Biophysics Graduate Group attempt to answer questions posed by the biological sciences through the application of physics and mathematics. Applications vary widely, from theoretical modeling to working at a lab bench. Kevin Doxzen, a third-year biophysics student in the Doudna lab, focuses on experimental […]

Photo courtesy Kevin Doxzen


From Kolkata to Oakland: Youth are the Change

Whether it’s providing clean drinking water to the slums of Kolkata, or improving bus lines in downtown Oakland, children across the globe are actively working within their communities for positive change. On Wednesday, November 19th, the UC Berkeley Global Adolescent Health Colloquium demonstrated the power of youth by presenting an emotional film entitled “The Revolutionary […]

Op-Ed: Ferguson, Oakland and reflections from the street

I didn’t sleep well last night. Not when the sound of helicopter blades and the wailing of sirens still tore through the skies of Oakland, hours after I left the march for the safety of my own bed. Not when the blood of Mike Brown still stains a society that promises opportunities and delivers misery, […]

Protesters meet under the Interstate 580 overpass on MacArthur Boulevard and Grand Avenue on Monday.