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    Graduate Student Halloween Party

    It's Trick or Treat Time, Kids! WHAT: Graduate Student Halloween Party, Hosted by the Graduate Social Club WHEN: October 31st, 8pm - 2am, ...

  2. uncharted-logo-with-tag-and-date

    Uncharted: The Berkeley Festival of Ideas

    Imagine attending a dinner party with a modern day Einstein, Jane Austen, Orson Welles, Charles Darwin, or any other great...

  3. SHIP Family Pic

    Debate over Dropping Dependent Coverage from Berkeley SHIP Continues

      The University of California, Berkeley recently announced in an email to all graduate students that the Berkeley student health...

  4. Graduate Student Stipends at UC Berkeley

    Choosing to attend graduate school is inevitably tied with a serious financial decision. While some programs offer financial aid in...

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    April 2nd Delegates Meeting Roundup!

    Spring is in the air, and as the semester reaches a fever pitch – so too, you can bet, shall...

  6. alexis

    BASC Symposium: A Day of Atmospheric Science at Berkeley

    February 6th welcomed the 14th annual Berkeley Atmospheric Sciences Center (BASC) symposium at the David Brower Center in downtown Berkeley....

  7. 20150203_184945

    Happy 100th Birthday Campanile!

    On Tuesday, February 3rd, the campus community at UC Berkeley came together to enjoy a music and light display in...

  8. Changes to Campus Sexual Assault Policies Made Prior to External Review

    Last fall, The Berkeley Graduate investigated questions about the University of California, Berkeley’s response to a series of sexual assaults...

  9. Un-Thanksgiving: A Sunrise Ceremony on Alcatraz

    The sun began to rise above a sleeping city. We stood around a blazing fire, nestled underneath the Alcatraz lighthouse...

  10. Photo courtesy Kevin Doxzen

    Biophysicists focus on intersection of physical, natural sciences

    Straddling the lines of computational and wet lab work, researchers in the Biophysics Graduate Group attempt to answer questions posed by...

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  • When you're Bernie Sanders and you win the New Hampshire primary, you shoot hoops in a high school gym http://cnn.it/1QUA0ju

    Link to article February 10

  • CNN has projected John Kasich will place 2nd in the New Hampshire primary. The least you could do is start pronouncing his name the right way.

    Link to article February 10

  • "Don't believe those phony numbers... The number's probably 28, 29, as high as 35." -- Donald J. Trump on unemployment rate. http://cnn.it/1TbE8ii

    Link to article February 10

  • Donald J. Trump after winning New Hampshire primary: "Congratulations to [Bernie Sanders]... we may not like it.... He wants to give away our country." http://cnn.it/1QUvm52

    Link to article February 10

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