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Africa Week 2014: Uniting Beyond Borders

The opening ceremony for Africa Week 2014 at UC Berkeley ignited a festive atmosphere on Sproul Plaza with colorful visuals, stimulating music, and captivating dance performances this past Monday. African and African-descended students from throughout the African Diaspora visually demonstrated the theme, “Uniting Beyond Borders,” when they stood side by side along the steps of […]

2014-28-10 Africa Week (35)


Student groups voice their concerns

There are over 1,200 student organizations on campus, all facing similar logistical hurdles, including limited space for events and delays in reimbursements. The vast diversity amongst these groups also presents an assortment of unique challenges. To hear and address both widespread and specific concerns, the ASUC-Executive Vice President’s Student Organization Services Department has organized a […]

Protein Folding Study Challenges Current Folding Theory

Researchers at UC Berkeley recently published a study suggesting that ribonuclease H (RNase H), a protein with well-characterized folding, does not fold through a molten globule intermediate, as scientists previously believed. “It has been thought for a long time that molten globules are ubiquitous protein folding intermediates,” said Dr. Laura Rosen, first author on the […]

From Rosen LE, Connell KB, Marqusee S, 2014

The Big Ideas @ Berkeley Competition provides students with professional guidance and monetary support to take their ideas into the real world.

From Hacking To Investing: How Berkeley Facilitates Student Creativity

Were you the type of kid who was eager to take apart toys so you could attempt to rebuild them? Have you ever stayed up at night thinking about how you could combine a 3D printer, a Microsoft Kinect, and your cell phone? If you said yes to either question, a “Hackathon” might be right […]

Introducing: The Graduate Social Club (GSC)

The second in our ongoing series introducing Graduate Assembly Projects. The Graduate Social Club (GSC) facilitates social interactions between graduate students from all campus departments. Partnering with other Graduate Association and other student projects, the GSC organizes and sponsors a wide variety of events, ranging from bar nights to game nights, speed-dating to networking events, […]