“From Berkeley to Palestine, Occupation is a Crime!”

                 Chants of “Free, free Palestine!” echoed throughout Sproul Plaza on the UC Berkeley campus last Tuesday, September 23, as hundreds of students gathered to express their dissent against Israeli apartheid on the “International Day of Action on College Campuses” called forth by American Muslims for Palestine. In […]

September 23, 2014 (35)


Introducing: the Graduate Student Support Project (GSSP)

The Graduate Assembly’s Graduate Student Support Project is concerned with meeting students’ pastoral needs and offering resources to help graduate students care for their wellness needs. To learn more, The Berkeley Graduate had a conversation with GSSP Coordinator Janell Tryon. TBG: You’ve been GSSP Coordinator since you began the Master’s in Public Health Program here at Berkeley – how have these two roles intersected? JT: The role has […]

Introducing: The Townsend Center Queer Theory Working Group

Visibility and representation frame the Townsend Center Queer Theory Working Group‘s inaugural year at Berkeley, with a Lesbian Film Series shaping the group’s debut. The working group is excited to start the year by co-hosting a Film Screening and Director’s Talk with local filmmaker Cheryl Dunye (Watermelon Woman, The Owls, Stranger Inside), who will be screening and speaking about her most recent feature film, Mommy Is […]

Screen grab from Pariah (2011, U.S.).

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“Powers:” A Superhero Spin on a New Cop Drama

Picture a world where superpower heroes and villains exist and cops must maintain order. Superheroes and regular humans coexist in the new superhero cop drama, “Powers”, set to premiere on the new network PlayStation Network (the show was initially intended for the FX network. The series is an exclusive to and the first original program […]

The GA Projects: New Graduate Student Orientation 2014

This week the spotlight is on Leah Faw, Project Coordinator for the New Graduate Student Orientation (NGSO). Leah Faw is a fifth-year Ph.D. student in the School of Education in the Policy, Organization, Measurement & Evaluation Program.   How long have you been the Project Coordinator for the New Graduate Student Orientation? “Previously, I’ve been […]