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  1. SHIP Family Pic

    Debate over Dropping Dependent Coverage from Berkeley SHIP Continues

      The University of California, Berkeley recently announced in an email to all graduate students that the Berkeley student health...

  2. A GSI gets to work at a grade-in to protest Grad Div's closing the old Stephen's Hall Graduate Study Lounge

    Will Grad Students have a Study Lounge?

    Tonight's meeting May Graduate Assembly Delegates' Meeting (May 7th, from 5:30-10 PM at Anna Head Alumnae Hall) promises to be one of the Graduate Assembly's...

  3. FunLaughter

    A Graduate Student Read-In to Close Out An Amazing Semester…

    Picture an informal, book-lined lounge setting with bite-sized appetizers, sparkling juices, “adult brownies,” live music, and poetic, touching words... On...

  4. Educating Educators: The Role of Scientists in Public Schools

    For many children, their first exposure to anything science-related happens in first grade. Children play with slinkys to examine the...

  5. Photo courtesy David Gu'uopau Palaita (vika)

    Ethnic Studies students grapple with tensions of different peoples, cultures

    Increasing globalization over the last few centuries has brought about new challenges – particularly, the complications that arise when peoples...

  6. Reflections: My Year As The GA’s Internal Vice President

    [caption id="attachment_6069" align="alignright" width="400"] The Internal Affairs Vice President Herself: Mary June Flores![/caption] By: Mary June Flores When I graduated from...

  7. Letter to the Editor – Campus Climate Issues Resurface on Astronomy Department Listserv: Discussion with Concerned Students and Faculty

    By: Tasha Hauff, Ph.D. Student, Ethnic Studies Last Monday, April 20th, UC Berkeley Astronomy faculty used the department listserv to...

  8. 5

    The Graduate Bay Cruise 2015

    The Graduate Student Bay Cruise set sail this past Saturday, April 25th in San Francisco. Berkeley grad students and friends...

  9. Dolores McElroy from Film Studies and Tholfaqar Mardan Al Emara from Engineering meet at the party

    Wellness Party Goes Well

    [caption id="attachment_6027" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Dolores McElroy from Film Studies and Tholfaqar Mardan Al Emara from Engineering meet at the party[/caption]...

  10. Exceptional Faculty Mentors at UC Berkeley: Above and Beyond Academia

    [caption id="attachment_6017" align="alignleft" width="450"] Students and faculty members listen as Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost Claude Steele gives the keynote...

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  • After 33 years, Miss Teen USA has decided to get rid of the swimsuit portion of the beauty pageant, replacing it with an athletic wear competition.

    Link to article June 29

  • A conservative radio host mocked Elizabeth Warren with a stereotypical Native American war cry as he opened for Donald J. Trump, who has nicknamed the senator "Pocahontas."

    Link to article June 29

  • Brooke Baldwin is outside the Ataturk Airport in Istanbul where three attackers killed at least 41 people on Tuesday night. She’s here to take your questions.

    Link to article June 29

  • "The human race has been living on borrowed time," says a co-founder of Asteroid Day, which is Thursday.

    Link to article June 29

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