Op-Ed: My Kids Watch A LOT of Movies

By Justin Gomer My kids watch a lot of movies. When fellow Berkeley parents hear this they often respond with a look typically reserved for plastic bags, processed food, and gluten. Many Berkeley parents treat movies like responsible adults treat alcohol—a taste here and there is fine, but too much will kill you. In general, […]

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Olivia Chilcote remarked on how the day is also a “way to bring Native graduate, undergraduate, staff, faculty, and our allies together. We all work together to make sure that the day is memorable and inspiring.”

In Focus: AIGSA’s Cal Day 2014 events for Native American students 2

Campus was packed on Saturday for Berkeley’s open house, Cal Day. While numerous student groups around the University welcomed community members and prospective students, the American Indian Graduate Student Association (AIGSA) had a special mission: attracting Native American students not only to Berkeley, but to college in general. Students, their families, and community supporters spent […]

As We Share Our Stories of Healing, We Share The Power To Heal 1

By Mariko Pegs “April is nationally recognized as Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM), and UC Berkeley stands in solidarity with survivors and allies!” (UHS Tang Center) It happened many years ago. Who would have thought the emotions would return or that they never left. The lock that was safely bolted shut was broken, and the […]